I saw my ex and he basically ran away haha.. Why would he?

Background story --
we worked together for around 8 months we went out and i dumped him. After this he made my life at work hell, I told my manager and he didn't stop so I decided to quit.

That was two months ago, yesterday I had to go there to pick up some papers. I saw him,
'Oh hi how are you ' - Him
'im goodthanks you?' = Me
'Im good ' - Him

Then he ran to the stockroom for like 20 minutes, it was to avoid me though.
My co worker was like - ' I thought he wasover it by now'.

Then I left without saying goodbye to him.

I just wonder why did he avoid me? haha.


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What Guys Said 1

  • My ex does the same, she avoids me like a plague, she dumped me too.

    • I wonder why this is.. I dumped him though haha

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    • oh now you say that. It makes sense haha.

What Girls Said 1

  • He Obviously remembers your Dumping him and also His own 'Thumping' You after this. And by looking at you, he still finds this an awkward moment and not a Kodak moment and now to avoid any hashing nor bashing, would rather run and hide like a cowardly lion... he still has a bit of a growl grudge to boot...
    Good luck. xx

    • hmm true. haha. It was just funny. I won't be going there again now :) x

    • lol... Good for you, my Dorothy.:)) xxoo

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