My ex and I still live together!!?

My ex and I broke up but still live together, I'm moving out next week, but he keeps on trying to be nice to me, like doing my laundry and offering to make me food... he's the one that wanted to get back with his baby mama, and he was a complete dick about it to... I just don't know what he is trying to do?


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  • he's trying to make yah stay so you'll be together again ^^
    the baby mama probably got him flustered, but since your actually leaving, making it a reality, he realizes he still wants yah around. -_- if he can't chose you or stick with yah then just leave. Because then its going to turn into mind games if you stay. You'll start thinking "is he going to see his baby mama, is he cheating on me etc." you don't need that. The word paranoid and stress come to mind

    • what do you mean flustered?

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    • yea well that story is not really to be taken that seriously.
      Come'on now he's changed his mind -_- time to stay away really

    • i don't think thats fair to you either. Its like your receiving mixed signals from this man who cannot make up his mind. He's gonna have to make it up eventually, but i wouldn't really trust him that much

  • That's gotta be mega awkward. Just move out as quick as possible.


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