Have you ever heard of someone doing this post-breakup?

My friend's ex went through her Facebook page and unliked every status, picture he had ever liked even if they didn't involve him or their relationship. He also deleted pictures and statuses that she had liked from his own page even if they weren't't related to their relationship. They were together 7 months. I know lots of people like to remove pictures of their ex but this seems extreme and weird. Have you ever seen something similar?
Also wanted to add that he broke up with her.


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  • Maybe she deleted her fb and this is why everything he liked has disappeared?

    Or he loves her still and can't accept its over so cutting her out completely will make him feel like he is able to get over her quicker, which he won't because he ends up stalking her in other ways lol.

    • Nope he just went and unliked everything. First time I've ever seen someone do that. I have removed pictures of exes but that's it. This seems super immature.

    • Hmm maybe he had another woman lined up and didn't want her to ask questions about the x?

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  • He is trying to eliminate evidence that he ever dated you. THere are different reasons why somebody would do this

    1. They don't want to be reminded of their break up
    2. They don't want people to know that they failed at their relationship because it is too embarrassing for them
    3. They want other girls to think they've been single this entire time

  • Sorry I cannot help. He must be terribly angry at her to go as extreme as that though. so awkward...

  • That is super weird. Sounds like he's not over it and wishes he was. Seems a little obsessive almost


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