Somewhere between 'taking a break' and 'breaking up' what to do?

I was in a long distance relationship with a guy. In the summer he told me he needed a break, and then told me he wanted to break up because he met another girl... I was devastated and depressed. But I understood why because I wasn't able to be there with him everyday and she was.

But it turns out she was just an exchange student and she left a month later... so he started to talk to me again as if nothing had happened. During one of our conversations I brought her up. He told me she went back to wherever and that he wasn't cheating on me. I asked if he still talked to her, and he said he talked to a lot of people. Then I asked him if he still liked me, and he said he had no favorites... so I told him let's take a break, and he agreed.

I'm not sure what I meant when I said let's take a break. Maybe I was just scared to cut things off with him completely...

I miss him sometimes but I haven't talked to him in 2 months. Is it my responsibility to officially break up or is it ok to let things just fizz... or wait for him to contact me first? I don't even know if he will, since I'm the one initiated this whole 'break' thing. I'm just confused. thanks


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  • you two are done, you're no longer with him, you're good to do whatever you want, I'm sure he's fine, doesn't seem like he's missing you


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