Do you think my boyfriend was justified in breaking up with me? Or that I was justified in being upset?

My boyfriend and I hardly see each other anymore. He asks me to meet him for lunch and he always wants to have sex with me so we end up having sex in his car then he goes back to work.

I didn't mind except that lately aside from having car sex we don't do anything. He's always busy, makes plans with me then cancels, or forgets.

We were supposed to see each other tonight. I made a reservation at a hotel and we were supposed to go out and actually spend time together. Then he texts me that he has do to something first. Then he finally texts me saying he'll show up after 9pm.

I was upset. Very very sad because I miss him and love him so much and he never spends anytime with me. I was so looking forward to tonight for the last week and he tries to show up so late from the time we agreed on.

I asked him what was the point on even showing up since we have to be up early in the morning, we would only spend a few hours together than have to go to bed. I said he was inconsiderate of my feelings and I told him how I felt and I even said right now he was beung a big inconsiderate jerk

So he broke up with me. :(

I am so unbelievably sad and I'm confused as to why he broke up with me. He always flakes on me, cancels, and never sees me but then makes plans with me and again doesn't come through and is upset with me?

Is he justified in breaking up with me?


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  • Oh honey. Run away. Run fast and run far. He was using you and I wouldn't be surprised if he was seeing other women. You deserve better.


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