Why is my ex so bothered about where I'm going?

I chose to move Uni halls this week because I really hated all my block mates. They're selfish bullies.

My ex was one of them... but I still hold feelings for her.

I didn't tell anyone that I was leaving, because I knew they'd make a scene and say that it was my fault I was having such a bad time... However one day one of my friends told me that my ex had asked him about me, about if it was true I was leaving. I don't have any idea how my ex found out, but she seemed kind of worried?

Why is my ex "worried" about me? Why bother asking my friend about me if she's supposed to hate me?


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  • In having an "EX" that still may hold an X in his or her heart, the feelings don't always dissolve over nite with a click of a button... it's called "Love..."
    And with her still asking about you as though still concerned, this is telling me that along in your own soft spot, she Still------Holds feelings for you too.
    Just because two people Break up doesn't mean they can't and don't Make up or Even still have this history that Molds and Holds their hearts in Never forgetting what they once meant to one another Nor stop ever caring what happens to them as well...
    She never really 'hated' you... she may have implied it, said it in a heat of anger and bitterness. However, when the smoke cleared, dear, and all is said and done, she was one of the 'Block mate bullies' you moved on from who really wasn't a 'Bully' at all...
    Good luck. xx


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  • She isn't, she's curious, and keep tabs on those you were formerly with is normal.

    • Curious? .. Why curious though? ... she hates my guts, apparently... I'd never be bothered with someone I hated.

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    • It's your problem, not mine, and apparently no one else cares, but you can carry your burdens however you wish.

    • Good for you anon :)

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