My ex was controlling... What now?

Flirting with other guys always bothered me especially when she got mad at me just being anywhere near girls. It was always the way she talked to them giggling laughing and never paying much attention to me. I started to change from a happy and confident person to a nervous wreck. At one point i just didn't care what happened because it was always about her never how i felt or when i needed help. Whe my parents seperated she left me in a sobbing heap till the point of becoming emotionally numb. Lost all my hobbies, money, close friends and now i left and moved to another state attempting to start a new chapter. I want who i used to be back before i met anyone... suggestions and perhaps an external view of the situation?


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  • Wow. Im really sorry to hear that it got that bad. :(
    I would say avoid romantic relationships for a while and focus on building yourself up and working out your goals. Introspection is the key here. And know that you're not alone. a lot of people have been screwed over by their significant other and lived to tell the tale. And became wiser and stronger for it!
    Learn from your mistakes. Acknowledge your past but move forward. Make new goals.
    A fresh start means adventure! It means freedom. There's so many things to do and see. Make it matter.

    No matter how much it hurts now know that this is not the end. As long you're alive what you do matters. What you do now matters. Don't give up. Not on yourself and not on others. There are people out there that are truly decent.

    I'm rooting for you! :)


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