My ex boyfriend said no to meeting up?

i texted my ex because i just really wanted to see him and catch up and see him. its been over a week since we broke up. but he rejected my offer. how should i respond back to him just play it cool and be like "okay no worries" and just never text him again after that?


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  • Don't reply...

    Catch up on what if I may ask? It has been only just over a week...

    You shouldn't have his number anymore because it is time for you to move forward in life. Having his number is like a ache in your back... just lose it. He will contact you when he wants to. & btw, one of the most attractive thing to an ex is to see you doing good for yourself... that is when they typically come crawling back around. & believe me, he will notice without you keeping in touch with him. Do you.


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  • Play it cool and try to move on. Don't beg.

  • Dont keep texting him. Try to move on


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