First relationship = first breakupHow do I go about it though?

I'm 22 years old and this is my first relationship.
Suffice to say its been a learning curve ball for me. Scary. Wonderful. Exciting... and finally heartbreaking.

He's leaving in February to go to Argentina. For a whole year. His stance on long distance relationships have always been an emphatic no. I tend to also agree it would be unrealistic.

I've been prepared to enjoy our time while it lasted and then let him go. After all travelling has been his goal for quite some time. A large part of me is really happy this is happening for him.
But now he tells me we won't be seeing each hardly at all anyway because of work and travel preparations. I appreciate the honesty however I feel like we're in limbo. No mans land.
It feels like I should break it off sooner rather than later after this news. But how on earth do I go about it? I have so many doubts.


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  • I still believe that sometimes love can prevail, and if you really love eachother, you'll work it out bc your relationship is worth that fight. On the other hand, LDR's aren't made for everyone. If that's just something you don't want to do, then at this point, you're only prolonging the inevitable. Take some time to figure it out, weigh out the pros and cons, whatever, but I think you should decide now. Waiting longer, especially when things are only going to get harder as his departure approaches, will only hurt more and waste time. Do it now, while you're on good terms.


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