Realtionship recent break up confused?

We broke up a couple weeks ago it's kinda my fault we still hang out and talk everyday and he even comes over to hang out with me and my family we still have sex our realtionship was amazing but I hurt him because i have a lot of guy friends even tho there just friends he dosent like that so that hurts him a lot and says I compared them to him which I never meant to I know he still loves me a lot we dated for 6 month when he just got out of a 3 year relationship and now there talking agian and she a libra but I know he dosent really want to be with he just got out of a 3 year relationship and now there talking agian and she a libra but I know he dosent really want to be with he just knows she always going to be there because they were each others first? Help? He says she was never even in the picture until I pushed by when we would argue saying to go be with her and the childish games I would play I really want to fixed things I've been playing it cool i know I messed up and now he's confused


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  • Sex doesn't fix things, open and honest communications helps fix things.

    It sounds to me that your ex feels as though you valued your male friends more than him and it also seems that his head is at a cross roads between you and his ex. Now it wouldn't surprise me if this dude never stopped caring or having feelings with his ex and has conveniently used your guy friends as an escape mechanism. You mentioned that him and ex were each other's firsts and that means that he has a stronger bond with her than you and if given a choice he's more than likely going to choose her over you.

    It sounds to me as though your second best and I am sure should things not work out for him and his ex that he will back with his tail between his legs asking you for a second chance. It's up to you whether or not you want to be second best. If you don't mind wait in the wings for him, but I certainly wouldn't in your position and next time you are with a man, don't make him feel inferior to your male friends that's just lame.

    • For balance, guys aren't necessarily going to go back to their first if possible... It depends on who did the breaking up and why they broke up. I would not go back to my first even though I was with her for 2 years after.

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  • You have openly admitted the break up was all your doing, Lorandy, and with this being said, he still chose to be in your life because he is missing the kissing and all the things you both shared as a couple.
    However, with him being Out there now, you may have chased him back into the arms of Her again and this has led him down the road rage To------He's confused.
    This now what I call a Triangle Threesome, where you are at the tip, looking down, from side to side at the both of them, sweetie. Having friends with benefits, which you are basically doing now, should stop or it will only add fuel to the fire and someone is going to end up getting burnt.
    You have made some mistakes and during your time together, no compromise was made, you compared him to others and now this is headed down a beaten path that could very well end up to be War of the roses.
    He is leaning on her once more because he feels he can count on her when the chips are down. With you both broke up now, still having full circle patterns, this is what it has led to and there may be no way to 'Fix things.'
    All you can do in this point in time, is hang in there, show him you are different, don't compare him to all the tom, dicks and harrys and show him he is the one you really love... you might want to also rearrange a few of your guy friends so this isn't also an obstacle that gets in the way.
    I don't know about her sign 'Libra' so much, but there are definite 'Signs' here that this is not over and there is going to be more in store behind closed doors.
    Good luck. xx


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  • He is doing what you did. You have a lot of 'guy' friends and he doesn't like them and now that the relationship was done but you are still close he went to her last girlfriends, to show he has 'girl' friends as well. also he may like her and she might calm him down.

    when you are with someone whether you like it or not, you should give all your time to him, when also he is doing the same back. Having guy friends is not bad, but being too intimate with them to the point that you spend time and your thinking equally for them as the man you are in a relationship with is meaningless and will make problems. If you have a man you give your time primarily to him and only him. and keep your guy friends around but never put emphasise and all attention on them.

    you should make the man who is in a relationship with you feel special. that then even if you have guy friends he knows you look at him in a different way.

    In your situation if he wants to come back and you still like him then open the way and this time act and behave better. make him feel more special.

    he broke up from a 3 years relationship and he may feel insecure too about other men when they are with her girl, and maybe that is why he is sensitive about the guy friends. You should talk to him about this. maybe in a night give him more time and love and talk to him also and make him understand you look at him in a special way so that he lose the insecurity that he has. and you'll come together will be good this time.

    and if you just want him to fuck and say you love him to keep that then do not expect much from the relationship and that it stands. as it has already broken up.


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