Did I do the right thing with him?

So, about a week ago, I found out that the younger guy I WAS dating, was actually younger then he told me.

He told me he was 16, but he's actually 15.
I'm 19, so that makes him 4 years younger than me.

Unfortunately, I had to find this out not from him, but his stepmother. Over the phone.
While talking about the legal trouble he's been in.

A few hours later, I noticed he was on Facebook, so I messaged him hello.

It wasn't him, it was his dad. And his dad was reading all the messages between us.
His dad then proceeded to scold me over sexting his son. ( don't judge me, I thought he was 16, that's the age of consent in this state)
He then proceeded to tell me to stay clear of his son and to stop trying to talk to him,, or he'd get me in trouble. s

So I did. I haven't spoke to, or heard from the younger guy in about a week. I haven't been able to "officially" end it with him, due to the fact that I'm respecting his dad's wishes, amd staying clear of him.

I completely wrote him out of my life, , considered us broken up and over, and moved on with an old , dear friend of mine.
I have no need for a relationship with someone that much younger than me, that can get me arrested,

Did I do the right thing in writing the younger guy out of my life, and basically breaking up with him, by not talking with him?
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  • Yes!! He lied to you, so you deserve better anyways. I think it's amazing that you're respecting his dad's wishes, because it shows a lot about your character (in a good way). Plus, it's not your fault that he lied about his age, but you don't want his dad to get you into trouble, so you did the right thing by not pissing him off. I'm proud of you :D


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  • you know if i were the dad i would be happy my son dating a more mature girl but i guess political correctness goes way over board these days... sick and tired of this shit and sorry you had to go through with that

    • "No girls is good enough to my son"... is not that uncommon...

    • at the age of 15 is none of my dads fucking business who i want to spend my time with. I worked already when i was 12(a few hours a week is legal). You need to explore and experience to become a full person.

    • The reason I'm leaving him, is because he lied to me from the beginning of our relationship, essentially toying with my fate , and because if I had stayed with him, I could've been in jail.

      He really was a nice kid, but I can't stay with a liar and a child

  • I don't know what u could have in common with a fifteen year old kid. Or sixteen or whatever. But yes u did the right thing. Considering it was a bad decision from the beginning.


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