My ex fiance and I just very recently broke up?

And he says he wants to work things out, get a good life going for us and our child, and try again. In order to get back he has to get my trust back, but he keeps lying, and i know he's on dating sites, but he won't tell me. He says he wants space, but for two years, we haven't had any space. Im afraid to let him go, because maybe hell like the freedom of being able to do whatever. I just dont know how to let him have space.
Im confused and lost without him, we were engaged, and had a baby. what should i do?


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  • IM wondering that my self my x an i broke it off 2 monthes ago ( her fault. ) she recently apologized to me said she wants me back. If he is lyin and cheatin on u i wouldn't if i wer u. Once a cheater always a cheater.

    • Its just so hard, because we did everything together, lived together, and everything. lol I want him to change, but he can't do that unless I give him space.

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