Divorcés:what advice would your divorced self give to your past married self about marriage?

Confusing? What have you learned that you wish you knew before marrying or divorcing? I'm currently on my way to a divorce and in the future I have vowed to work harder to make love last. Make him fall in love with me everyday and break out of day to day routines.


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  • Don't do it! Women team up with lawyers and the courts to take advantage of men and ruin their lives. Not worth it.

    • That's true. People are pretty cruel. In my case it's him. He wants me to pay spousal support (he barely works... by choice) half of the sale of the house (which is in my name, purchased before marriage, I pay entirely for, but he feels he's entitled since his dad cosigned) and he wants child support even if he tells my kids everyday he's tired of them. Yup, I lucked out!

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    • I'm rooting for that honestly.

    • Yeah, every guy in your situation does too.

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  • I'm sure most will say "to never get married"
    But this is kind of an interesting question so I'll watch here quietly

    • I hope I don't get many of those lol. I would advice that but by the 2nd shot at it I hope we can make better choices when choosing who to marry

  • I don't plan on getting married, so I don't have to worry about such things. You can have a life partner without a ceremony. :P

    My advice to divorcing/divorced couples: get to know your partner better, before getting married. Have sex and live together for a bit, otherwise you're setting yourselves up for disappointment.

    One of my mates has been dating for 7 years before they finally got married. He spent a fortune on the honeymoon and wedding - all she wanted (spent something around £5000 on a Disneyland trip and about £10,000 on the wedding). But they didn't live together AT ALL. Got divorced in less than a year, because they couldn't stand being around each other in the same home. And she took a good chunk of his inheritance (he's not rich, mind you, worked as a griller with me in a fast food chain some years back).

  • Very very few things are worth fighting about.


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