Does your spouse try/have tried to stop you from being independent?

Do they down your goals or dreams? Do they have negative things to say about what you want to do? How do you deal with this?

For example: I told my husband I wanted to start going to the youth bible study at church.
Him: so what are you turning into your mom now? ( my mom is a religion fanatic) You barely have time to do anything here but your going to make time for that?
Me: ** discouraged, disappointed, feeling like a child , holding tears back (I expected some support)


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  • I think you should tell him how you feel and ASAP. Husbands tend to end up being the wifes best friend. My fiance sure is mine. I just dont want to end up living the rest of my life with someone who is suppose to be there for me but all they do is bring me down. If my fiance was like that then i would probably not want to be around him anymore, however i would tell him that he has been hurting my feelings and been unsupportive and that i just need him to be there for me so that he knows what the problem is before i decide to just stay away from him.

    I dont want to be one of thoes women who ends up resenting her husband or feels like she has to cheat on him because she ends up haveing a better emotional connection with someone else. Its great that you guys are that comfortable but i dont think that means you have to stop being understanding and supportive of your loved one because just like you needed it before the marriage, you will still need that once married.


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  • I dont see why any guy would do that. Its just more money to the family and hopefully a bit happier wife :D


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