I think I'm becoming to desperate in finding a girlfriend.. need advise :(?

So I was a normal guy, not being bothered with being single and I started dating this girl when I was 17.. at first I just thought we'd hook up but then I started liking her, I asked her to be my girlfriend and I loved her so much.. we were more then lovers, she was my best friend and I loved spending time with this girl. Eventually she broke up with me, something I had never expected since she never let me know she had doubts.. it came like a shock and I was devastated. I lost my best friend and my lover..

Don't get me wrong I like my life and friends and all.. but I just can't help but want another girlfriend, I think it's safe to say that is has become an obsession for me.. I'm not desperate since I have pretty high standards but I hate that I'm just so busy looking for a girl.. I tried telling myself that I'll meet someone when it's the right time but it doesn't help.

I feel so lonely even though I have a lot of friends and my family loves me.. it is just not the same for me..


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  • didn't you ask this exact same question before?


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