Should I just tell my ex how I feel after four months of NC?

Me and my ex had a relationship for 20 months. She was my first girlfriend and I her first boyfriend, he broke up because she lost feelings for me. We broke up in march and four months ago I decided to go NC. In the mean time I dated a different girl that didn't work out, I realised that the girl I really want is the girl that is my ex.. she was my best friend and we were great lovers. I know why she lost feelings and I've improved myself and matured. Yesterday I talked to her and it was a pleasant talk, we joked around and I felt really comfortable.

Should I just call her tonight and tell her how I feel, that dating other people only realised that she IS the one for me? Or should I just keep it simple and ask if she wants to go out on a drink?

Please note that I am not desperatly in love with her anymore, I just know what girl she is and I'd like to see if we could become something again.


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  • No, you should not. Let it g.


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