I can't understand him anymore !! can anyone of you explain to me this situation?

we break up for maybe 2 months ( becuz of distance as he said but we were talking everyday) we are back now !! but I can never feel him !! like he is not there for me !! i call him, no pick up ( he said he left his phone in his room ) i text him (no text back ) i was traveling for 2 days and i asked him to come with me at the train station, he came with me !! I grabed his hand like i was holding a mug, his hand was DEAD !! I even asked him like ( can I hug you? ) he has been silent for a little while and then he said ok hug me !! i hugged him but he didn't hugged me back! awkward, for the first time in my life I felt ice in my shoulders, it was a cold hug... and i am still wondering if he doesn't like me anymore, why we are still together? i can't understand this situation, and I dont know what to do !! i can't continue like this :/


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  • Be up front with him. Ask him, "what's going on, do you want this?" If he gives you a wishy-washy answer he's just trying to not hurt your feelings. At that point, break it off yourself.

    • you thiink we should make an end to this? right?

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    • sould I face him with that, or just send him a break up text !! cuz i dint think he will care

    • Try and face him, you'll feel better about it. Sending a text is disrespectful no matter how the relationship is going

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  • Do
    No contact. Don't even try to understand

    • do u think I should stop this?

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  • it seems as if he's getting bored with you. he might be interested in someone else and just doesn't know how to beak it off with you. im so sorry

    • i think it s true !! i catch him looking at other girls sometimes !! that makes me really angry !!

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