Why am I getting depressed over this?

My anniversary with my ex is coming up. I shouldn't really care yet I am depressed. We are good friends and everything is perfect. I even got a new boyfriend yet I feel so depressed. I see him that day and I wonder if he will remember but I just want to stop caring. My bubbly personality is replaced with boredom and depression. I don't even straighten my blonde hair anymore. I don't feel like it.

I want it to stop though, I hate being depressed. :(


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  • Sound like you weren't ready for another relationship... And you also haven't gotten over your ex yet. You still actually care and it's eating away from you inside as it seems.. It's not just a feeling that's going to stop... Especially if probably the reason your feeling like this is because of you possibly missing your ex (?). My ex one year anniversary is comming up soon and tbh i think that's the first day I'll talk to her because right now we aren't friends and we don't even talk... However you and your ex are good friends.. You might just still have feelings you haven't quite suppressed yet..

    • Awww thanks! You are so nice for responding. What will you say to your ex?

    • To be honest.. Right now I don't even know... But I have plenty of time to think about it. And You're welcome!

    • I hope you figure it out :)

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