Is it time to move on or should I wait?

So I dated a girl I worked with for about 4 months and before for dated we flirted for about 5 months. We go to the same school so seeing each other was never difficult outside or work. Dated over the summer and manged to make it work with both of our work schedules and her school schedule. Everything seemed to be going great up until fall semester of school started. She has an overloaded class load on top of everything else in her life. She pretty much told me she felt bad that she never had time for me anymore and broke up thinking it would be for the better. A few days later she is texting me like every day and about 3 weeks after we broke up we made out after work and talked about getting back together. Its been 2 months now and we talked recently and she said that at the time she thought she needed a relationship but now she doesn't want one for a while. I feel lead on and confused, should I just move on or should I wait it out and hope for the better? She is 4 years younger then me but we have the same interests and views.
Ladies can I get an opinion?


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  • Move on. If what she's saying is true and she's "finding herself" or whatever, there's no guarantee she'll come back to you. My advice is to focus on yourself and improving your life, as well as enjoying it.

    If you try to move on, eventually you will move on. And who knows? You might get back together. If it's meant to be it will be.

    Approach it like a breakup and just work on your own life. Are you capable of just being friends with her for a while?


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