How do I stop thinking about him and focus on my studies?

I have an important exam to study for but I cannot seem to focus on study for more than a minute at a time, because I keep thinking about my ex-boyfriend who I just broke up with. I am hurting because he lost interest in me and chose another girl over me.

How should I deal with this pain so that I can get back to study? The exam is in 5 days' time.


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  • One stop thinking about your ex boyfriend right now try studying for your test more than you would , read a book if you have time. Sometimes. I write poems to help me get my anger out or sappy poems and sad poems it helped me I mean I am tottally not over Ben but I soon well be it takes time. Trust me you well be feeling better in no time and you we'll get a good score on your test. I hope I helped you


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  • boyfriends come and go tests don't and they determine your educational future. Boyfriends can't do that.


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