To All Those Girls That Tend To Leave For The Slightest Reasons: :)?

I think this explains it all.. at least from our perspective..


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  • that's a sweet song, but you can't do someone wrong and only decide to change when they reach their breaking point. maybe that will teach him to appreciate the next woman who comes into his life. everythings not meant to last forever


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  • More often than not, what usually happens is that the guy gets too "comfortable" in his relationship and stops paying attention to his girl. This leads to the girl noticing and blaming it on "little things" since she clearly knows that she's feeling miserable but she doesn't know why. When she finally comes out with it, it throws the guy into panic mode. Since the guy in this case is acting out of desperation and attachment rather than genuine, whole-hearted love for the girl, this only worsens how she feels about him and drives her further away.

    • women panic regardless... but you did give a good opinion. I appreciate the perspective. I actually posted this because of someone else. i was trying to explain the "why" to them... it didn't work lol.

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  • You never know what goes on in ones head. What leads to the choices they make

    • for girls, its usually other girls lol

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    • I think you are keeping company with very young and /or immature girls. 25 to 34? They seem like sophmore girls in HS.

    • isn't that what we men tend to do? lol... just kidding.. been dating older women since i was 16.. didn't mean i won't run into younger (or same age) girls... they were just too dumb for me... I know what I'm doing... i would probably want a girl that knows what she is doing too.

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  • The sooner a flaky person breaks it off the better.


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