I want to end it before it starts?

I'm in my feeling and want to cut a girl off but not In a dick way. We are suppose to hang out Friday but I'm not even trying to do it. Kinda just want her out my life


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  • just be straight with her and get it over with politely. that works. and its not a dick move.

    • Then she's going to ask why, & when I tell her I developed I hate for your guts it will

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    • you just stop hanging out with her, if she tries to hangout with you, don't even bother, give 1 word responses. or don't even reply at all, that's what I do. only the most persistent girls always kept texting me back even when I never give them shit. I doubt she is like those girls, cause those girls are fucking crazy! just don't even respond to her but act like everything is normal. it sounds like a dick move but you're playing it cool and you have no choice if you already told her straight you don't wanna see her and she still persists.

    • Sounds good

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