Why a girl says "I love you but I can't take a relationship now so we broke up"?

I really want to learn why. What did she mean I guess I can think something about it. And the worst part is, I begged her :( I am regretted. I didn't have to do it. Yeah by the way I can not forget about her completely. Who wants to help? I really need help.


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  • If you guys were in a relationship before, and she said that, its basically her way of "letting you down easy"
    you begging (and I've done that too) was your fuck up. NEVER beg. if you had a chance before.. you don't now, after the begging. so i recommend you just accept you are split up and try to forget her. Its going to be hard but you'll meet someone else.

    • I hope so dude thanks but I know about my mistake and I think If she comes back I should reject her, shouldn't I? Cause now I can only feel I addicted to her (after a couple of months) so I could forget a bit. My terrible mind can't forget completely. I am sorry about you too because you said you have done too (begging) :/

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    • That was really helpful. Thank you so much. So I have to forget about her now. And I think it will not be hard that much :) Have a nice day.

    • no it won't.. you have a nicer day sir...

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