Ex girlfriend and I have been seeing eachother more but im confused on what is happening?

So she broke up with on oct 7th after almost a year of dating, we both fell in love with eachother like never before but she broke up with me because of the way i was starting to act about a month before she ended it. She thought she couldnt make me happy anymore and it was stressing her out and i was getting over jealous. Anyways after not really talking or speaking to her, we texted about a 1-2 weeks ago and she said that she thought i didn't want her in my life anymore and its best to forget about her. Thats not true though so i asked her out on a date and she agreed. So on Saturday nov 15 i took her out and we had a lot of fun, she was kissing me in the movie theatre and holding my hand. I droped her off at her palce but she called me a minute later because she was locked out so i let picked her up and brought her to my place until her friends got home. We laid in bed together and started to kiss and hug eachother, and had a lot of fun just doing things like making food or whatever. Her friends came home but she said she wants to stay the night with me, we ended up having sex twice. I dropped her off on Sunday and we just texted eachother goodnight. On Monday nov 17 she called me that night saying she was just outside my house and wanted to talk. She was stressed out about school and over thinking about us and not sure what to do with us. I told her i changed for the best and other things i can't remember, but she asked if she could stay the night so i can help her with some school work and i let her, After helping her we just cuddled and kissed eachother and snuggled to sleep. On Tuesday nov 18 she texted me and even sent a heart in a message, i had a beer pong tournament that night and after it was done she wanted to come sleepover again and to cheer me up (because i came in second and im a sore loser lol) so she slept over last night and we just hugged, cuddled and kissed again. So now its wednsday nov 19 and im just not sure whats going on, anyone?


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  • It sounds to me like she wants to get back with you... have you two talked about trying to pursue a relationship again? Maybe she's a bit too nervous to ask you to commit to a relationship with her because of your guys' history... it seems like she's waiting for you to make a move and ask her if she's interested in being in a relationship

    • Ya you could be right, we talked about it a bit, she said she's afraid if she gets back in a relationship with me that the same problems that caused the break up again will happen and she will be mad at herself for getting back with me, but i told her im not like that anymore and if i didn't change i wouldn't be wasting my time to get back together with you just to have you break up with me again in a couple of weeks. Last night when just laying around she said i love you out of habit and accidentally, but was it ever nice to hear that

    • I think right now she's just testing the waters to see if you really did change or if you're just trying to win her back. It all sounds very promising though!

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