Ex reached out, I ignored her for being cold but want her back?

So my ex reached out to me, but I still felt hurt, she broke up with me, she also made out with a guy the SAME day she called it quits. She's kinda bad, smoking and drinking, but I look past that... Anyway, she basically contacted me and sent me a song which we both liked and it reminded us of each other. I didn't react the way she was probably hoping for, she also then started talking about dieting (I'm into fitness) etc, probably wanting for me to tell her she's beautiful like I always did, I didn't because we're not together anymore. Then she turned cold and ignored me, and I had to send a goodnight message, to which she replied thanks you too, and only that.. We didn't speak for a day and she contacted me again, diet related once more, she started hot, ended cold once more... Her messages was SO short, that I decided to read and not reply. She hasn't messaged me again since yesterday morning, what does this mean? And did I do the right thing?
So she contacted me. Made small talk once more, but this time said she wants love... it was pretty random. Since we spoke about our exams and she just said that.


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  • I think you did just fine and she reacted the way she should. she comes at you "hot" because she knows that you won't turn her down.. but really she is just rebounding. you putting her at arms length is PURRRFECT.. and if you want any proof of you being a rebound, read this..."ended cold once more..." she knows you won't turn her down so she looks to you to lift her spirits, so when you don't, she lashes out (which is how she truly feels, you don't want that). she doesn't want you back or anything... you are just her fluffer (i really hope you don't know the meaning of that lol) . she knows you like/love her, so she doesn't understand why you don't act like it when she pays you a bit of attention... play on playa... right on.


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