Post year break up? Does he not have any feelings?

Hi Ange,

Don't apologize for anything I know how it is and I know the feeling of emotions being pent up inside just dying to come out.

I am surprised you still have feelings for me after the way I've been, which I want to apologize for. I'm not going to lie I have missed you at times.

I don't however feel the same way, I have feelings for you in the sense that I want you to be happy and to achieve the best you can in life but that's something I could never offer you. we can't hold onto each other because we want different things in life and that will only stop us from doing the things in that we can really experience.

I don't want to completely cut my ties with you Ange, you're a lovely amazing person and rare to come by in life but if it's the case that you need closure and to look forward I completely understand.

I have no animosity towards you Ange :) just so you know

Ant xx
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Hello Anthony, I apologize for being a bit off with you, but I wanted to tell you something. It's been a year since.


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