Really could do with some help here!!?

Ok guys and girls.. really could do with a helping hand in finding out whats going on in my ex's head right now!!

We split up around 2 months ago and wasn't the best. So, did the usual NC which lasted for 5-6 weeks before she contacted me. When we have spoken its been by text etc.. She's played I miss you, I wish we could go back to the way it was, I'm over you and moved on cards.. so far!!
When she asked if i missed and still wanted her, I was a bit stand off ish, replying you already know the answer to that!! And to her moving on, I just said if you have moved on then why feel the need to remind me and still want to keep being friends and talking to me?
I did admit to her that i did miss her she sent this -
I was just missing you as a friends, nothing more... and it will never be. I love that you tried to open up to me, but its a little too late. I want us to be friends, so let me know.. But it will never be anything else

I never responded!!

Then had another the next night -
You on lates working and still in town?

Again i didn't respond!!

Then tonight i get this -
Not that this matters.. But i really do miss talking to you and seeing you! Just thought i would share, cus you know.. why not ;/

I've not responded again.. As i don't know how to reply?
I still have feelings for her

Really could do with a little help here...


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  • she is testing you to see if you are into her or not I used to do that with my ex's to see where I must put my legs on

    • Thanks.. I thought she was testing me! Sorry, put your legs on?

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    • @Asker it's really confusing situation :/ I can't figure out or get any Ideas :/

    • Yeh your telling me!!! :/ She's often said faking it to make it! I'm thinking, meet up and see.. Usually i can tell with her straight away by her eyes whats going on.

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