What to do if your boyfriend still not divorced but legally separated and the divorce papers haven't processed yet. What to do? Thoughts?

My friend has a boyfriend for 2 years now. I can see they are inlove and very serious to each other. Apparently her boyfriends is not yet divorced meaning in the eyes of law he is still married to his ex-wife. They were together for about 10 years. My friend is very anxious that one day his boyfriend and ex-wife reconcile and she will end up being trashed and left alone knowing that his bf is still not yet divorced. Her BF said he is legally separated but not yet divorced (not sure whats the difference of that) but he said he is now processing the divorce papers and divorce is quite expensive. What should my friend do? Knowing that her BF still not yet divorced she's afraid that one day his BF will leave her and will reconcile with his ex wife the fact that they were together for about 10 years. I can see they love each other but she is concern if she has a future with him knowing that her bf is still not divorced. What she should do? Thoughts?


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  • Never never never get involved with someone married or going through a divorce

    • thanks what do you think she should do then?

    • Stop seeing him until the divorce is final

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  • A legal separation is a document that makes it legal to not be responsible for the other person. Such as them getting 8 credit cards and declaring bankruptcy. And yes divorces are expensive, but if they really wanted to be divorced and it is amicable it would be done. The only time I considered it to be OK with a long drawn out divorce is a friend of mine that his ex didn't want to be divorced. So she kept changing the visitation agreement and how they would handle the kids. At one point he was almost homeless trying to pay for how often she was dragging him to court. Finally 5 years later it was a done deal. The reason I say it was clearly her is because due to all the disagreements he literally never saw his children in those five years unless it was in court. So it wasn't his fault, she just wanted to be a bitch. If it's that kind of situation then she can feel a little more at ease. But if he's just having his cake and eating it too, she may want to reconsider.

    • thanks for your reply. Good thing that his bf and the ex dont have children,

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