Has texting your ex after a breakup actually ever help you get back together? What were your outcomes?

Has anyone ever been broken up with someone and texted them to get them back? Or vice versa, where you were broken up with and you text them/ they text you?

What was your situation? And did you texting them help get them back? or them texting you? What was the outcome?


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  • My guy broke up with me for some unknown reason, and I haven't left him alone since. I keep texting him and emailing him and talking to him at school and he reciprocates and things are going well. In the past two months (ever since he broke up with me), we have been up and down. We've fought quite a few times and we've both cried a few times. Since we have most of the same friends, it was really rough to not hang out. Now, he is so close to being mine again that it drives me nuts! We've been hanging out a lot in the past 3 weeks or so and I asked him out again Monday and he said he's thinking about it... nothing yet, but I have a good feeling about it.


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