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My boyfriend and I met last year, at a function with my sorority and his frat. We started dating a month later. We did distance for the first 6 months when I was student teaching. I would go visit him almost ever weekend. Everything was perfect, we never fought, and he told me after months that he has never felt like the way he did about me. He sad he loved me more and more every single day. when I finished school I moved in with him. I was living his life with his friends. We started fighting and I found out that his friends who were girls that i had never been mad about them being friends were flurting with him. he took one out to breakfast when we had first started dating. he said that he never thought it was a problem and that he would stop talking to him. I forgave him but we would still fight about it a lot. About a little over a month ago he found out that I had been looking on his Facebook, not looking at his messages but looking to see who these girls was. i was insecure. he asked me if i did and i lied. two days later he woke up and broke up with me. I was so upset. I begged him not to for almost three weeks. I just started to not bother texting him at all. i deleted him off Facebook, etc . and he texted me 2 days ago telling me he was going to leave a letter i had gotten in the mail on the poarch for me to pick up. i never responded and went and got it when he was not there. i am still upset and just dont know how he is ok and im not. i miss waking up to him and talking to him. he says he is fine and just to move on. i want him back but im at the point where i am now trying to figure out why i do when he did so horrible stuff to me. I miss him but i almost want him to be the one upset not me.


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  • Well him going out with a "friend" was very insensitive and in bad taste. You said you forgave him but still fought about it. That means you didn't forgive. I think this ones over

  • Jealousy is always do those things; you can only accept the consequences now and move on


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