Need Female Advice: Trying to get my ex back?

My ex broke up with me almost 3 months ago. I was blind sided and did the begging and pleading and got her to be friends with me which was her idea for 2 months.
My ex is one of those independent, stubborn, single mother type who has baggage in terms of her father.
After the break up she has compared me to her father, in terms of trying to fix the relationship and failing, and she has mad false things up about me to pick up the pieces and move on.
The friendship was one sided. I was doing all the initiating and as time went one she started to disconnected from me and ignore my texts and calls.
After 2 months she slowly started deleting things from our relationship on Facebook.
We got into a fight over that and both agreed we need space from each other, I asked if we could have another chance at the relationship, and her answer was; I can't answer that right now. I’m sorry.
Was she trying to spare my feelings or is she confused and did I messed things up?


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  • WHy don't you go back and re-read what you wrote. Your answer would be that she isn't relationship material and that you deserve someone that you can live with easily.

    GAWD!! I try to be the most perfect person ever and I am single, while clowns like this get the men?

    • thanks! Believe it or not, you gave me some thing to think about
      Don't give up, you will find the right guy!

    • Ugh... it's giving me cancer trying :(

    • sometimes when you are not looking, you find it! Stay positive :-)

  • I think you need to attempt to move on. She seems to be doing so quite fine. The 'I can't answer that right now, I'm sorry' is kind of a nice way of saying no. Yes, her answer may change in the future. But for the meantime she needs TIME and SPACE away from you. That means NO contact! Let her breathe and think, while YOU try MOVING ON with your life. I know it's depressing and painful to move on after you lose the one you love, but its what you need to do for now. She may see you moving on and then want you back, who knows. No one can tell the future. Just give her time.

    • Thanks for the insight. I haven't contacted her in over 3 weeks and doing a lot better in terms of letting her go. However I still do love her and think about her. I'm debating if I should contact her before the holidays, or let the whole thing go

    • That's good. I say let her initiate the contact. It'll drive her to you if you don't make the moves.

    • Thanks, I hope you are right. Knowing her personality, and the way we left things... I don't think she will initiate contact. Especially since I was the one who asked for the space

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