How can a girl get her ex boyfriend back they we don't talk anymore?

My boyfriend broke up with me about 3 months ago. About 2 weeks after we broke up he texted me how I was doing. I responded with "pretty good" and he read the message and didn't answer. Then about a month ago I found out he was making fun of me with his friends and I got mad so I texted him to confront. I just said something like "wow I thought you were better than that. I have feelings too you know." He responded with some dumb excuse And then when I ignored his text, he texted again apologizing. I ignored him again and then a couple hours later he wrote a long apology. I ignored it. The next day he texted again apologizing. I ignored that too because I was mad. We haven't talked at all since then but I want him back. What do I do and is there any chance I can still get him back?


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  • Yeah, there is a high chance you can still get him back. He keeps apologizing because he feels bad of what he did, and probably didn't mean it. This time try calling him and talk to him. Be honest and tell him your feelings.

    • It's been about a month since this whole ignoring him thing. Do you think I still have a chance?

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    • I'm glad I can help. And I hope things work out for the best :)

    • Thank you so much:)

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