Why would my ex contact me and then go silent?

I broke up with my boyfriend after a year. Things started to get bad a few months ago when his behavior started changing and I felt like we were growing apart and I wasn't happy. He always said that everything was fine and I was over analyzing, but how he treated me definitely felt different. He was the one who started making plans for the future and talking about years down the road. We had decided to move in together and I admit I was afraid and freaked out. We got in a fight and I packed my things and left. He has been divorced and I knew that what I did hurt him deeply. We did get back together after that and I apologized and explained why and he asked me to promise that I would never leave him again. I said that I wouldn't unless he kept pushing me away. In any case, I felt like he kept punishing me for it and pushed me away and stopped making plans for the future. The fighting increased and so did the unhappiness so I ended it. Truthfully I just wanted to take a break but didn't express that. Anyway, four days after we broke up he sent me a text the morning of a very important interview I had and said that he had been thinking of me everyday and would continue to. I am and were such a apart of his life in a positive way and he lived having me in his life and now he was sad. Good luck on the interview and he would always hold me in his heart as a wonderful person. To me that kind of reaching out indicated that he wasn't happy with the split. I waited a day to respond and said that I was thinking if him as well and that he had and would always have a very special place in my life and my heart. And that we needed some time apart but that I want sure that I wanted to give up totally and that I still wanted him to be a part of my life. That was seven days ago and he hasn't responded. What gives? Is he playing games? Is it a push pull thing? Is he deciding or not ready? Why would he do this?


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  • he's probs confused hurt giving u space to think and everything give it another week n just send him a text saying hey how are you? what u been up to n see if he replies


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