How can you still love someone so deeply even though they just shattered your heart?

Just as the question asks


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  • True love loves imperfections. I screwed up and was still loved. I still loved her when she shattered mine. Every situation is different I guess


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  • Becasue if you truly did love that person you won't stop loving them just becasue they hurt you emotionally. If you stop loving someone that easily then you never truly loved them at all, becasue love is not dependent on how someone feels about you, or the way they treat you, it it simply something you feel for someone regardless of all other things.

    • Will the love or the pain ever go away?

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    • My pain is subsiding but the love for the person is grwing in strength

    • I know what you mean but you need to love yourself too and realized that no one who truly loves you would do things to hurt you or disrespect you.

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