How can you ask a guy for a second of his time knowing you messed up?

how can you ask a guy for a few minutes of his time when you getting ready to explain and apologize about you messing up? no i didn't cheat. i just changed my ways because i got tired of him repeatedly getting hurt by other girls after we brokeup because i moved. he got hurt over 6 times but i changed into somebody he didn't know. it was hard seeing him getting dogg'd out.


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  • "Listen, (fill in details)"

    We're really not that complicated but your question is pretty vague -- for a more detailed answer we'd need more to go on.

    Best of luck!

    • like what kind of details?

    • Whatever the information you need to say about how you messed up. We men are simple. As long as your answer doesn't go around in circles and gets straight to the point we listen well.
      You can even say "I know you might not want to talk to me right now but just let me get this out then you can have your space" Then insert whatever info you need to convey to him.
      He'll understand if he can rationalize your explanation logically. It has to make sense.

    • ok can you inbox me asap

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