Is he just doing this because his friend died?

So me & my guy friend was together for about a year and a half we spoke every week and eventually every day. Then things turned bad, we began arguing badly. His friend of 28 was dying and I had problems off my own. He suffers with depression. He began pushing me away, he ended things with me only to reconnect 4 days after saying he missed me. He explained he was scared of getting hurt again & that I'm the first girl in a really long time that he actually likes so he just pushes me away.

Things would be okay before a week before he would end it & we've been on & off for the last two months. But he will never let go off me fully, it will always be him who comes back to me. Last time we argued he said that all he could remember from our relationship was the bad & the arguments. That he could never be himself with me, how it never felt right & clearly I wasn't right for him. Yet before the arguments he said things totally different.

I know he still checks my Twitter & fb & he tries to make me jealous. Could the death of his friend be the reason he's pushing me away? What should I do? We've never gone a week without communicating good or bad so should I give it a month? Will it make him let go of the negativity he feels towards me? Will it make him miss me?
Does it still sound like he cares & has feelings for me? If he's trying to make me jealous, and still argues with me? Yet always wants me around?


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  • he's scared but he likes you
    if you have the patience to deal with someone with emotional needs then this guy can be the best person in your life but you will have to work a lot for him to stabilize


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  • he's keeping u around as a back up, while he is probably actively looking around for someone else. When he finds her he will drop u like a hot potato. Don't contact him he isn't interested


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