Ex dumped me because she said I wouldn't earn enough, I told her we can't be friends now as I have a new girl, she took it badly should I feel bad?

Basically quick backstory me and my ex were together for around 2 years, She dumped me a total of 4 times during the two years we spent time apart each time but got back together. Each time she would say it was because i wasn't going to be sucessful in the future and earn enough even though i am studying at university to be a lawyer. She had doubts i would make it so dumped me and told me if i don't make it she will dump me so she might aswell dump me now so it's less painful. She used to say she was better than me and deserved better etc and how she won't stick around if i don't make it in law.

Anyway so she dumps me right, i didn't really do anything to her i mean i never cheated hit her or spoke out of turn to her i just loved her and that's how she treated me each time we broke up i would just move on because i knew she was bad for me but then she would come back trying to make things work and i would give in.

This most recent time we broke up 3 months ago didn't speak at all for the 3 months and then i bump into her by chance and she starts crying saying she's lonely i message her a couple days later to make sure she is okay and long story short we end up having sex, i told her that i didn't want her back though but she kept hinting that maybe in the future we could work etc but i always just said no way would i want to end up with someone like her, we slept together a couple times and were trying to be friends.

A month ago i met this really nice girl, she is amazing, i feel like she is 10 times the girl my ex was she is loving loyal and commited anyway so as soon as i start speaking to this new girl i stop responding to my ex texts etc. The other day i just messaged her to say i'm seeing someone so it's not appropriate for us to speak as she is my ex out of respect for my new relationship. She flips out calls me every name under the sun says i used her for sex how i should never contact her again, should i feel bad for making her upset?


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  • You have done everything under the sun to please this emotionally unstable, high maintenance woman, jdotkidd, bending way over backwards for someone who never appreciated all of your good and hard work. She used and abused you and each and every time she would dump you like yesterday's trash, you enabled her to come back full circle again and it got to be a pattern and a habit with her after awhile.
    Now that you are happy and you are this apple at the top of the a tree hardest to grab, she is having a hissy fit because she doesn't have this to bite and spit out like all of the other times you Enabled her to do so... she only ends up screwing your heart and your head every time.
    Now she is trying to have you ride her pity wagon by crying and calling you every name in the book. Don't contact her again. It will only get more in a frenzy and Lord only knows what someone who is emotionally unstable might do... she is just a train wreck just waiting to crash and burn your own life once and for all here.
    End the madness, put the skeleton in the closet once in for all. It was a tough run, a long haul, but now you have your closure so close the chapter to this unfortunate story book tale that ended very badly... move on... you're probably right... this one most likely is '10 times the girl your was..' but now what you are seeing is a ghost of hell, a Grim Reaper who very well could have been your demise.
    Don't feel guilty, don't feel bad. This is what she is hoping you will do. She will find every way possible to make you feel you are the bad guy and tug on your heart strings at every opportunity.
    Good luck. xx


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  • Who's upset, the new girl or the stuck up pretentious bitch?

    • Haha my ex the pretentious bitch, she's upset saying i'm dishonest and i used her, calling me every name under the sun literally the whole time i just told her that i've moved on and she should aswell and she kept going on and on.

      Thing is she dumped me like 4 times now i have a new girl why does she care, it's not like dumping someone 4 times shows that you want them right. So lucky she did though becuase if she didn't i wouldn't have met my new girlfriend who is 10 times better.

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    • She complains you used her for sex but look at what she's using you for. Good riddance, never look back

    • Total hypocrisy isn't it thanks for the advice man much appreciated

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  • No. You're being loyal to the new gf. If the ex wanted a say she shouldn't have dumped you.

    • That's what i'm saying! What does she want, i mean she clearly didn't want me right because she dumped me so now another girl has got me she gets upset? Talking about how we could work in the future like i was ever going to allow myself to get back in a relationship with someone like her.

      She said my new girlfriend is absolutley beautiful and she's happy for me before she flipped out aswell i found that so weird like why would an ex say that my new girlfriend is beautiful, i mean she is don't get me wrong but it's kind of a weird thing to say to an ex right?

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    • 100% true i mean she was saying how she hopes we work out and how the girl seems nice and i was thinking this is nice she is taking the news well then when i just say oh okay have a nice life, she flips out and calls me every name under the sun.

      The thing i don't realise is why she thinks i used her for sex, i mean she is the one who invited me to her house late at night, even after i told her i didn't want to be with her she still wanted me to come round etc so that's not my fault i mean i played a part maybe i should have rejected her invitation but she's acting as if i seduced her under a pretence that i was still in love with her and wanted to be with her and then dropped her for a new girl which is completely not true.

      I'm wondering if i should have told her how wrong she was the whole time i just kept saying have a nice life because i didn't want to argue with her.

    • You've learned from the relationship and as you said, acknowldgedyourpart in it, which is good, so now you can move on and focus on the relationship you have. Your ex is immature and playing stupid games.

  • I sure as hell wouldn't feel bad for dodging a bullet.

    You got one of those selfish psycho exes there. Just tell her to fuck off and enjoy your life.

    • Haha selfish psycho exe indeed man completely accurate description haha yeah i dodged a bullet no need for me to feel anything but relieved thanks for the advice man

  • She sounds like a snob. life isn't about money. Its her loss. I wouldn't feel bad at all.


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