Did he ever cheat?

hey people, so I was in a six months relationship with a guy during my first year of my ugc. I was sooo mch in love. I dont think I could have done better than him in life. He was totally my kinda guy. So he had this best friend who was a girl and they had known each other since school. I think for over 6 years, Although they were close, they never dated, So when this guy proposed me, their: best friendship" to me didn't seem like just a clear transparent friendship. I and the whole college thought that they were a potential future couple to be. So when this guy proposed, I was amused since I always knew it should be them and not me and him! I tried explaining him but he claimed to be in love with me and denied any of my assumptions. I agreed and went on listening to him. In the college he never told anyone about us! when he used to be over the call, and his friends teased him with me, he used to cover up saying he was talking to his best friendThen finally I found some weird romantic txts in his fone from his best friend. They were texting till late night. I confronted him and he dumped me eventually after a bad one week fight saying he didn't have feelings for me anymore and that I was very different, I asked him if he was going to date her instead to which he said that they were friends and never could anything happen between them. He said he was breaking up with me not because he wanted hook up with her. and then,,,
Two months after the breakup he started going out with this best friend and never ever gave us a second chance. He is still with her and its been four years.
I dont know if all this was planned or was it coincidental.. or was my suspicion on them really right?
what do u guys think? did he really cheat on me?


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  • From what I've read they could've just been friends. But in today's world most people can't understand how to be friends with the opposite sex. Your question is a toss up, madame.

  • From what i read, the guy loved you, not the girl; and the girl liked the guy. You basically pushed him away from you to go with her.
    And I a girl best friend; we often joke about romantic things, we go out and stuff but none of us ever had real romantic feelings for one another; I recently told her about a girl I just met and how im planning to ask her out. my friend supports me 100% to go with her. Or I have this friend who has this girl best friend, who is my friend too; they've known each other for 8 years+, always hang out together, but never had any mutual attraction.
    The bottom line is, because a guy had a girl as best friend doesn't mean they have something for each other. i agree the best couple is those where the guy is the best friend of the girl and vice versa.. maybe you should have told him that you wanted to be his best friend, instead of accusing him.

    • ya ok agreed!
      but why didn't he ever tell anyone about us then?
      also, if u had a breakup with this girl u really like, would u dump her for some reasons like this?
      ps: i did apologise for my posessive weird behavior, and asked him for a chance, practically begged, but he had totally given up. tell me something, if u really love someone, would u not give it a second shot? I mean who breaksup?
      also, will u hookup with ur best friend after u dump ur gf? I mean according to u, u r jus awsome friends, then why would u date her without giving ur gf a second chance? and that too in a flat two months of the breakup? I mean im still not over him fully and its been nearly 3 years...
      I am still single and not mentally ready to start dating anyone!!

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    • You deserve someone better than him. I know it's hard to kill love for someone, but you should do it and start a new chapter without him on your mind.

    • thanks man.. i m trying to..
      i see them tgther all the tym in colg.. so its kinda difficult..
      anyways.. thanks fr sharing ur views :)

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  • Both of us were professional athletes. We don't talk about road trips.


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