Why does he still text me after I said I didn't want to be friends?

I broke up with my ex cause we kept fighting. Then regretted it the next day telling him "I loved him and was sorry". He later ended things 3 days later. He wanted to be friends. I agreed.

2 weeks later
I said "I love you and we should work it out"
He said "I dont think its a good idea"
I said Alright

5 Days later he texts me "Hey beautiful". I didn't really have anything to say.

A few days later I tell him I dont think we should be friends because we want different things.
He said "Im just fine with being friends"
He said "Your sweeping me under the rug?"
I said "No, I just love you too much to be friends with you"
He said "So you need time?"
I said "Ok"
He said "Will you at least tell me when you get a car?"
I said "Ok"
He said"Just do never talk to me again"
I said Ok

10 days later he texts me "Did you get a car yet?"
I replied. I just dont know what to say. After saying I no longer wanted to be friends he still texts me. Im not mad just confused.


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  • He's not taking no for an answer. If you really want to end it then stop replying to his messages


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