What's the best and quickest way to get over a narcissistic ex who made you feel guilty for everything?

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  • Its hard very hard im going through the same thing only mine after nearly 8 years bed hops everytime we break up lol took him back after sleepin with around 20 girls in our 8 years but eyes open now and won't go back there.. kills me some days but im stronger every day.. you just gota stay out n not go back coz it will never ever change hunny.. EVER

    • Wow... what an asshole. Yea that sounds about right. She left me three times, cheated on me once and to say the least I evened the score. She blamed me for everything and I forgave her every time. 6 years down the drain. Don't ever go back to these people. They don't care about anyone about themselves.

    • Exactly my ex still tries to make me jealous and tries to rub my face in it all.. Its still raw for me after 10 wks but I/we both will get over it.. one thing for sure is we both know how to love and respect and loyalty were our exs are complete waste of spaces who infact will always be lonely dodging one relationship to another because they just can't be loyal in body nor in mind.. Thats where we win this game matey hands down :)

    • You are very correct☺️

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  • Hey I got out of one of those relationships to. You just gotta make sure you don't focus on what you miss, and remember it was for the best. I'm sorry you gotta deal with this though. It's hard I know that much. Gd luck.


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  • The way I see it you don't even have to try to get over such a person. Its good you broke up with her.

  • mark it off as an experience and learn from it. see the warnings signs and stick to your guns.


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