Was he keeping tabs on me?

So I think my ex is keeping tabs on me, the other day I got a friend request from him on fb but when I clicked on the app it was gone. So he was either stalking & clicked it by accident or had a change of heart.

He then also has been checking my Twitter, as he wrote a tweet getting the wrong end about one of mine. Then yesterday to see if he was keeping tabs I checked his snapchat count. & when I went out with a couple of friends I created some stories, all at different times, which he looked at every single one but only had one snapchat add to his count. So he was going on the app just to look at stories or more so mine.

Why is he keeping tabs on me? He ended things with me? He's also trying to make me jealous on social media?


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  • Mmm im not sure but sometimes people look back and look at there exes just to imagine if it was different. I know i do and look back and wonder what it might be like if things work out but i dont think he's keeping tabs on you


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