Boyfriend Looking For Another Girlfriend on Craigslist?

Hi Gagers

So I know my boyfriend has Kik, and I've been searching his username every now and then because that's how I caught two guys cheating on me before.

So today I came across to a deleted ad on Craigslist from 11 days ago, saying he's looking for a young girlfriend around his age. Well it is deleted so I can't read all of it, but the date on Google search page is 11th of November.

This means he posted it on that day, right? Not that it was deleted at that date or anything. And if it is true, do you think he deserves a second chance?

He's always been so sweet to me, but we're in a long distance relationship so if I can't trust him, there's no reason for us to try to work it out.
His friend told me he did it when he was drunk, because it'd be better for him to get a girlfriend that he can actually see, and my boyfriend didn't know anything about it. Thanks everyone.


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  • It could have been a friend who did it
    ask him and next time you are in a relationship please trust the person and take them for their face value
    trying to find dirt on someone will always leave broken hearted

    • I will, once he wakes up. And that's probably what he'll say but he told me he talked about how much he loves me with his friends.

      And I know I kinda "asked for it" but don't you think it's better to find that now than later?

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    • It's not like I've found out that he cheated on his last girlfriend, I found something suggesting that he might cheat on me. That is a skeleton that is not supposed to be in the closet.

    • anyways ask him, lets hope he has an explanation for it

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  • You already font trust him, as you searched and tried to catch him..
    and the fact he actually did that, has pretty much cut the bud of any trust ever forming.
    but would be better if you moved on

  • Du p him and figure put why ypu keep getting attracted to these types of guys.


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  • There is no trust, it's time to move on. I'm sorry.

    • Thanks for your opinion, the best I can do is giving him some time to build up that trust again. If not, I will move on one way or another.

  • I would ask him about it. if it was him I personally wouldn't give him a second chance but if he promises to change then it wouldn't hurt to try. Its better to have loved then not at al

    • He said he didn't even know about it, and that it's probably a stupid prank.

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