My ex mother in law hugged me yesterday, it threw me off. What could this mean, and my ex kept blinking as if he was nervous?

Me and my ex have been broken up for two months. Yesterday was the first time in two months that he came to get the kids for the weekend. He brought his mom with him, after his motorcycle accident he brings his mom everywhere with him. Anyway I went up to give her my kids bags. And she gave them to my ex, then she turned around and hugged me for a few seconds. I hugged her back. But I was just like where did that come from. It gave me a feeling of sadness kinda. She didn't like me much when me and him dated. Barely hugged me then, so it was surprising. Then when I put the kids in the car, I told my ex, I have a box of ur movies in my brothers room. I'll give them to u next time u come. I have to look for them, I was looking at him in the eyes. And he said okay that's fine. But he wouldn't stop blinking like a lot. I think maybe he was nervous. Things is everytime he sees me he avoids eye contact. This was the first time he looked me in the eyes and just blinked a lot. Then later I texted him asking if they got home safe and he said yes gonna go eat. I said okay have fun enjoy your selves and he said... we will. I was like is he rubbing it in that I not going. Or did he text back to be nice I mean I didn't have to know that they would.


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  • He was being friendly. It helps to be friendly for the kids sake.


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