Why is my ex ignoring me?

She dumped me and a month later (no contact during the month) I appeared in the same lesbian bar we both used to go to... and I'm with my new girlfriend (Lia) who looks way better than my ex, and with a friend (Ana). My ex saw us and completely ignored us, but she hugged and kissed Ana on the cheek (they know each other and she never greeted Ana with a hug and kiss before, it was a show for me). My ex also looked kind of grumpy all evening while the 3 of us (me, Lia and Ana) had fun all the time, laughed, etc.
So, why is she ignoring me for a whole month and even in public?

P. S. That's the first time she sees me with another woman after we broke up a month ago.


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  • Your ex so leave it at that its not your problem and not all exes stay in contact and she may be still pissed off at the split

    • Why would she be pissed off at the split up - she initiated it and we didn't argue about it.

    • Maybe regrets it now I are with someone else

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