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He cheated and I broke up with him. When we where together I had to initiate all the calls/text because he say he was to shy to start conversation. Now that I don't call/text or give him any attention anymore he's been blowing up my phone. Why is he doing this.


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  • He has been blowing up your phone because he senses scarcity in his mind, that no women are going to be attracted to him with his kind of needy, and desperate behavior.
    I'm glad to actually break up with him, in fact, you want someone to reciprocrate to your certain kind of similar interests, at least for sometimes.

    • OK so he is just trying to get me back. It's so hard I loved this man but I know if I go Baker he'll do it again

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  • He probably wants you back. However, I personally wouldn't want a relationship with a cheater, and certainly never take back one.

  • Because he is weird. It's just a weird thing to do.

    • Is he trying to get me back. If so, Why he's the one who cheaged. I wanna block his number but I can't because we work directly together

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    • It's been a month and I'm tired of it. I don't know what to do, but I know. not taking him back because if he cheated once he'll do it again

    • A month isn't long. It will pass.

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