Is this unrequited love?

When it's over before it even began... the worst part is never getting the chance to show how much you can love them. How do you move on from this when you know in your body mind and soul that they were right for you?


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  • You can hope to get over it by understanding that, no matter how much you love them, if they didn't feel the same back, it would have led to much pain and frustration for you.
    For the person who doesn't show it back... it's not about how much you can do for them... it's that no matter how much you DO do for them, they just don't feel it. And that's usually more about them than it is about YOU :)

    • You're absolutely right. thank you for your comments. Do you have personally experience like this too?

    • Yeah... married 9 years, 3 children... she's cheated on me many times, and I've lost love and respect for her. But I'm choosing to make it work, faking it till I make it I guess :) I'm the one in the position of "it doesn't matter how much she does for me, I just don't feel it". I'm hoping I'll start to feel it again one day :)
      Thanks for asking!

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  • Aw man. I am so familiar with unrequited love. I only just got over this crush that I had on/off for about 5 years. All I can say is that you're 100% better of without them, because if they don't like you back it just means you're not compatible. You'll find someone else who is really right for you and it could be tomorrow or in a few years. The only advice I can give is not to dwell on it too much- which I know is super hard to do- and maybe try and meet other people. Also, try not to paint an idealised picture of the person you like; remember all their faults and how much they would annoy you if you were actually in a relationship.
    Hope this helps a little ^.^

    • thank you. yes, it helps. wow 5yrs? same with me :( I have to end this suffering now. the problem is he's a great guy. it's hard not to idealize him in a good light. He just doesn't feel the same way about me. I can't fault him for that.

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