Why Does My Ex Keep Coming Back?

We break up , I start becoming happy and he comes back swearing he sorry for hurting but then he hurts me and gets mad when I tell him to leave me alone I've changed my number 28 times in one year


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  • b/c he's a stalker? But you allow it to happen by allowing him back into your life...

    • No I ignore him and won't talk to him but he keeps bothering me and I don't know how to get rid of him

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    • I mean the stuff he says when I don't answer.
      Your stupid
      then hell be like I didn't mean asia pls talk to me

    • "stop messaging me or I am calling the cops and filing for harassment, as well as a restraining order."

      then make a note of EVERYTHING he says after that, take it to the cops. problem solved.

  • This is the time that you get the authorities involved... trust me, these types of guys are preying on your kindness of "not wanting to get them in trouble", thus they feel that they can continue what they're doing without retaliation.

    Knowing this guy is preying on your kindness should anger you enough to pursue legal action.


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