I want my parents to separate?

Has anyone ever wanted their parents to separate? Did you bring it up to them? To a sibling? What happened after?


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  • Hi there, actually I wanted the same.. omy parents had a bad relationship. My father abusive, and mother who was very ill. Their relationship was deteriorating, their argument overwhelmed and made living under the dance roof very challenging. Honestly that needed a divorce and after they went through with it ( took years) they are better people because of it. I love my parents but their divorce was way over due. Sometimes it takes a while to v see that, but its also a decision your parents will need to come to terms with on their own, unless tensions and their well being is at risk. Good luck, situations like these are never easy.


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  • Why do you want them to separate? I don't think that's something you should mention to your parents directly, however, if you have any siblings then you could open up to them and say how you're feeling.

  • I did. I kept my opinion to myself though.


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