Ok so i dated this guy in like June for less than a month and then we hooked up a few times over the summer like twice and now like literally every other week he texts me that I'm the love of his life and he "needs" me and all this crap about loving me and stuff and I've told him no like at least 5 times and he still keeps teeing me and i just want to know how to make him stop without being a total bitch because i think deep down he's a nice guy. i just need to get him to move on. Any advice?


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  • Tell him you just started dating someone else now and wish him all the best. If he persists then you'll have to put your foot down and be totally honest with him by stating that you find his constant text messaging very annoying!!!

  • tell him that you only wanted to hook up with him and that you are not in love... he should understand that... if not then ahhh just ignore him and he will stop pursuing you...


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