Ex girlfriend asked me how I am doing. Any clues why she asked me?

So first and foremost, a little background about us. She's the first girl I dated, so it's pretty hard on me.. I caught her having an OKC account, talking to other guys but I let it be.. A couple months later, I caught her cheating with another man, yet I still stayed with her.. A week after that, she broke up with me... I did a lot of things for her like bought a lot stuff, helped/did her with school projects (we have the same major, and she's in all of my classes), and supported her financially... So why is she asking me now that I am trying to move on? About 3 days ago, she sent me a photo of her lunch (that we used to cook together and is one of my favorite dish)..
I forgot to mention that I tried to get back with her, and she said it won't happen and that our relationship won't be the same even as friends (like not as close as we used to)


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  • Many times over just because two people Breakup doesn't mean they can't and don't Makeup and that it is Goodbye, my love forever... And with an "EX" that still Marks an X in their own heart, there is usually Motive in mind and if given Opportunity-----Asked me how I am doing.
    She most likely is Missing the Kissing now that she hasn't been with you for a Month of Mondays. And seeing you every day in 'All of my classes,' has probably been pulling on her heart strings of the history you shared together.
    However, she has her own 'History' of being a cheat sheet, clixt, and even if you were to take her back tomorrow, this little cheetah would probably never change her spots like a zebra never changes its stripes.
    Don't wear your heart on your sleeve for her again. You can't trust her... she is trying to get back into your good graces again with mental notes she has taken down of her own in finding a way to stay in your life... but once she would have you where she would want you, she would toss you aside and move on to her next prey, leaving you to the curbside once more.
    Keep it light and semi sweet... she may be just looking for a Friends with benefits factor and that's one road you don't want to travel down... it's not smelling good in Denmark.
    No matter how you slice the pie with this cutie classmate, she will never be a soul mate and things will never be the same again... she wants her cake and eat it too Too much and you will continuously always will be standing there with egg all over your face.
    Good luck. xx

    • Thanks, this is very insightful!

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    • It did, and I hope you had a great Thanksgiving weekend! :)

    • Thank you, sweetie, for allowing me to help out here... Great and thanks, for once it was a quiet day for me.:)) xxoo

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  • She probably miss you and may want you back. But I don't recommend to go back to a cheater.


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